the immigrant, Asian American female hustle


Past Performances

Solofest 2017 at The Whitefire Theatre

24th Annual 2017 Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

2017 solo festival at TAG Studio


March 27, 2017: Arts beat la

I was going to say how impressed I was at your range as an actor and it shows how much you have worked on your craft. The pacing of the show is so well thought out and it always ties back to the theme of the whole piece. It made me laugh and cry and I'm in awe of your raw and real energy. It was a true pleasure to witness. - Tin L.
An amazing, inspiring, courageous night. What grabbed me right away is the intensity and individuality of your performance of each character. - Keith H. 
We were all just blown away. I haven't been moved like that in a long time. So thankful for your effort and honesty. It was just so powerful and memorable. - Melinda B.
You played the stage last night lady. Laughed, cried, you told MY story onstage and it was terrific and connected. - Ana P.
Awesome job Ma. You did a great job. 100% rotten tomatoes. - Kevin H.