Be Powerful

We all want to be powerful

But what if power means bending down and washing another's feet

Because having power means an ability to meet others where they're at without thinking it sacrifices your own position

What if being confident in your gifts and talents

Means sitting down and giving another person the chance to shine

Because you trust that what they bring will never be exactly the same as what you bring

What if power means standing still in the midst of circumstances

Stripped from this need to prove that you're something when everything seems to be going to shits

What if power means you are

Exactly where you need to be and exactly what you need to be to 

Make the people around you feel a smidgen more seen, more loved, more empowered

What if power means a willingness to share

Because even if you invite other people to the table

You realize the table is big enough for everyone

What if power attracts those who are in distress because they know you can bring them out of that stress

What if power attracts the outcasts because they know you know what it feels to belong

What if power attracts not the people who can help you, but all the people you can help

Isn't that power

Isn't that more powerful than refusing to let go of ego

Isn't that stronger than people unwilling to budge because they're too afraid change would affect their worth

What if power is scary because it pushes you into uncharted fields that outside of God

You would not be able to handle

You think you could move mountains without the help of something outside of you?

Then you're dreaming must be way too small, way too human

We want godly intervention

To be powerful is to act beyond your comforts

To be powerful is to see something bigger than yourself

To be powerful is to dream so high that when things happen

All you can do is drop to your knees and 

Receive it

And say thank you

And ask, what can I do with this to serve the world?

I want to be this kind of powerful

Nancy Ma